General English Upper Intermediate

This is a general English course for students at B1 Level who want to improve all areas of their English language skills: writing, reading, listening, speaking and elements: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, discourse). The main focus will be on helping you become more confident at using language in every day and less familiar settings. Fluency (speaking a lot and quickly) and accuracy (not making mistakes) will be given equal importance.

  • This course will help you:
    • Interact with another person confidently and fluently at length on a range of topics using more idiomatic expressions and a wide range of vocabulary
    • Use basic structures accurately and develop the range of more complex structures
    • Comprehend longer listening texts with a variety of accents
    • Practice planning, organising, writing and checking texts
    • Gain competence in reading more authentic texts
    • Fine-tune your pronunciation of difficult sounds and be able to use appropriate rhythm and intonation

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