LLF Rebrand

Since 2014, LLF has strived to use the classroom to enrichen the diverse communities in London and around the world. Many of our former students are welcome to visit to reconnect and update us on their lives. Interestingly, some have done so! When we listen to their stories and journeys, we are repeatedly reminded of the importance of connecting with others and building small communities through a common goal. Our expertise lies not just in English language but understanding that the classroom should be a place of comfort to facilitate learning. Students should feel our classes are a safe space, a place to understand improve communication and understanding with each other.

As a language school, LLF deeply believes in the importance of difference and helping students to thrive beyond their time with us. English is just one of many languages around the world and does not have a superior position to any other language. In fact, we have discovered that teachers who have extensive experience in learning or speaking other languages can understand the different fears and challenges that students face in the classroom.

As a result, our new logo is designed to convey the importance of difference. Different styles of teaching. Different learning needs. Different cultures and backgrounds. Different personalities and beliefs. Different ways of thinking.

Kindest regards,
Chukwudi Dozie
Principal of LLF