English for Life and Work – Pre-Intermediate

This is a general English course for students at A2+ level students who want to gain confidence in their English language skills: writing, reading, listening, speaking and elements: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, discourse).  A key focus of the course will be to introduce students to more authentic texts, so they are better able to cope with the kind of English they’ll meet outside the classroom.

This course will help you:

  • Speak more confidently about a range of common topics
  • Build their vocabulary using key elements such as prefixes and suffixes
  • Gain greater accuracy with basic grammar and begin to use more complex structures
  • Develop your listening and reading skills
  • Write a range of straightforward texts more accurately

Which book will I use?  What special features does the book have?

The course uses a book called Speakout Pre-Intermediate 2nd Edition. It is divided into 12 units. At the back of the book there is a useful Grammar Summary, with a guide to the grammar used in each module and practice exercises to help review. There is also a Vocabulary Bank, providing an extra vocabulary focus. Another important feature of the book is the inclusion of podcasts with native speakers and BBC TV clips, aimed at helping students enhance their listening skills by using authentic materials.  Each unit also has a ‘Real Life English’ section, where students learn useful language for everyday situations.

Pre-Intermediate A (Units1-3) Pre-Intermediate B (Units 4-6)
Topics – life, work, free time,

Vocabulary – free time, relationships, types of work, jobs, the arts, collocations.

Language – question forms, past simple, present simple and continuous, adverbs of frequency, ‘be going to’, questions without auxiliaries.

Real Life English – making conversation, expressing likes and dislikes, making a phone call, write informal emails/letter and online postings giving information or opinion. Describe plans and arrangements.

Topics – great minds, travel, fitness

Vocabulary – make/do, education, language learning transport, tourism, travel items, health, food, illness, collocations, phrasal verbs, money, shopping.

Language – present perfect with ever/never/Since/For can/have to/must,past simple and continuous, verb patterns, may/might/will

Real Life English – giving advice, asking for and giving directions, follow main points in a short talk, seeing the doctor finding out information.


Pre-Intermediate C (Units 7-9) Pre-Intermediate D (Units 10-12)
Topics – change, money, nature

Vocabulary –collocations, phrasal verbs, facilities, money, shopping, multi-word verbs, nature, outdoors, animals,

Language –‘used to’, purpose, cause and result, relative clauses, too much/many/enough /very, comparatives and superlatives, articles

Real Life English – write about experience, feelings and reactions in a connected text, give reasons to justify a viewpoint on a familiar topic, Repeat back what is said to confirm understanding and keep a discussion on course, Answer past times and past activities, buying things, describe plans and arrangements, making guesses, write about a real or imaginary event.

Topics – society, technology, fame


Vocabulary- describing cities, crime and punishment, problems, communication, feelings, the internet, film, suffixes, collocations

Language – using ‘like’, present and past passive, present perfect, real conditionals + when, giving opinions, reported speech, hypothetical conditionals present and future, requests and offers

Real Life English – complaints, giving opinions and possible solutions, requests and offers, talk about dreams, hopes and ambitions.

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