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...After a trial lesson, I decided to attend The London Language Foundation in order to improve my English. All my teachers were fabulous. They really helped to fill my gaps. I highly reccomand this English school to everyone.

Nicoletta Savino

...I've lived here for two months. I came to this school to improve my English. I really like this school and I am very satisfied and greatful. The tutors are very good!

Cristina Topliceanu

...Although I don't live in the area, I like the academy. I gave them a probation week and I found the classes very interesting because the teachers can keep my attention all the class. They use a different way for classes and that makes it fun and productive.

Vinolia Barreto

...I really appreciate the efforts the teachers at The London Language Foundation are making to help me catch up with the group. I will be studying at LLF, Limehouse, East London, for some months and I can already see the progress I have made in just a few weeks.

Alejandra Zapata

...I highly recommend The London Language Foundation, in Limehouse, East London. Here I found a very nice environment with outstanding teachers. They keep us very excited about the course. I'm always happy to be here to learn more, the price is very good. If you are new in London, just come and join us, it's the best way to succeed.

Liliana Unguru

...The teachers at The London Language Foundation are brilliant, the courses are interactive, the quality is perfect, and the price is very good. The environment is fantastic, you can have a walk around the boats and river in Limehouse, East London.

Margareta Iordache

The General English course is very interesting at The London Language Foundation. The teachers are really helpful. We can see that she prepares the lessons well in advance so that everything is under control during the session. We are making good progress. I am truly happy at LLF, in Limehouse, East London.

Leticia Del Valle Rojas Trillo

Upper Intermediate

Course Description

This is a general English course for students at B1 Level who want to improve all areas of their English language skills: writing, reading, listening, speaking and elements: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, discourse). The main focus will be on helping you become more confident at using language in everyday and less familiar settings. Fluency (speaking a lot and quickly) and accuracy (not making mistakes) will be given equal importance.

This course will help you:

  • Interact with another person confidently and fluently at length on a range of topics using more idiomatic expressions and a wide range of vocabulary
  • Use basic structures accurately and develop the range of more complex structures
  • Comprehend longer listening texts with a variety of accents
  • Practice planning, organising, writing and checking texts
  • Gain competence in reading more authentic texts
  • Fine tune your pronunciation of difficult sounds and be able to use appropriate rhythm and intonation

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