• The London Language Foundation Student Services Summary:
    The Foundation has focused on careful selection of both administrative and teaching staff – in order to offer you a positive and professional service during your studies with us.
    Timetables are designed to be convenient with sessions scheduled am, pm and evenings – depending on demand from student groups. Students have the option to study from 3 hours to 15 or more hours each week.
  • One to one tuition :
    LLF also offers a one to one or two to one service for students who wish additional classes or just wish to work on a personal basis.
  • Academic Guidance:
    Students study English language for a number of reasons including career enhancement, going for interviews, conversational English, business English, university entrance standard or just to improve your skills combined with a visit to London.
  • Assessment and Certification:
    All students take a placement test to ensure that they attend a class that matches their level. Students also work with their tutor to agree an Individual Learning Plan to blend the key aims of the course with their own goals for learning English. On-going assessments and feedback, as well as regular reviews help you to gauge what progress you’re making and where further work is required. Students can gain a certificate of attendance.
  • Student Welfare:
    LLF is committed to the care, welfare and safeguarding of our students. All staff require a DBS check and undertake safeguarding training. LLF has a Welfare Officer who can provide advice and support to students.
  • ID Cards:
    As part of our commitment to ensure a safe environment for our students, we issue ID cards so that we can know who is on our premises.
  • Internet Access:
  • Accommodation:
    We can refer you to accommodation services registered with the British Council.
  • Transfers:
    LLF provide an airport pickup and drop off service for groups and individuals. Please enquire directly with the LLF office for relevant charges. This service needs to be pre-booked and pre-paid prior to your arrival in the UK.
  • First Aid:
    LLF have team members that are trained in first aid emergencies. The National Health Service in the UK is free to overseas visitors in an emergency accident situation. However students must also book private travel/holiday insurance to cover your period of stay in the UK.
  • Health and Safety:
    LLF aims to provide a safe and clean Learning Environment in the classrooms, library, toilets, eating and common areas. We request students to help us maintain good standards of hygiene and health and safety in the building.