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A Few Words About us

Every member of Skillum team believes strongly in the empowering power of knowledge.

Professional staff

We enjoy our work and working with the various skillsets and personalities within the team.

Lifetime access

We appriciate our students’ desire for knowledge and privde litime access to educational data.

Clear timetable

You receive a personal schedule acording to your selected course by mail.

Student Community

Student Community is a place where our students can communite with each other.

We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience.


Our programmes offer unconventional, but highly effective options to traditional challenges.

LLF’s  vision and guiding principle is to empower people through high quality knowledge and workplace skills training in different fields. As part of that vision, we are committed to being a catalyst for social change, and we believe that the power of education can change peoples lives for the better.

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Nanodegree Course

Nanodegree program consists of industry-relevant content, projects, mentorship and certification.

Meet our Teachers

Chukwodi Dozie
Principal of LLF and English Tutor
Karolina Nazarkiewiesz
English Tutor
Sarah Gogus
Office Manager and Welfare Officer
Karina Pearl Thorne
Consultant and English Tutor
Simon Du Toit
Acting DOS, Course Leader at LLF, and English Tutor
Darius Vigneswaren
English Tutor
Lufta Yeasmin
English Tutor


...After a trial lesson, I decided to attend The London Language Foundation in order to improve my English. All my teachers were fabulous. They really helped to fill my gaps. I highly reccomand this English school to everyone.

Nicoletta Savino

...I've lived here for two months. I came to this school to improve my English. I really like this school and I am very satisfied and greatful. The tutors are very good!

Cristina Topliceanu

...Although I don't live in the area, I like the academy. I gave them a probation week and I found the classes very interesting because the teachers can keep my attention all the class. They use a different way for classes and that makes it fun and productive.

Vinolia Barreto

...I really appreciate the efforts the teachers at The London Language Foundation are making to help me catch up with the group. I will be studying at LLF, Limehouse, East London, for some months and I can already see the progress I have made in just a few weeks.

Alejandra Zapata

...I highly recommend The London Language Foundation, in Limehouse, East London. Here I found a very nice environment with outstanding teachers. They keep us very excited about the course. I'm always happy to be here to learn more, the price is very good. If you are new in London, just come and join us, it's the best way to succeed.

Liliana Unguru

...The teachers at The London Language Foundation are brilliant, the courses are interactive, the quality is perfect, and the price is very good. The environment is fantastic, you can have a walk around the boats and river in Limehouse, East London.

Margareta Iordache

The General English course is very interesting at The London Language Foundation. The teachers are really helpful. We can see that she prepares the lessons well in advance so that everything is under control during the session. We are making good progress. I am truly happy at LLF, in Limehouse, East London.

Leticia Del Valle Rojas Trillo